Glimpses of Alvinus: Paperback Edition - Johntaro Artbook #3

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This book is meant for adults only.

In this third art book we explore Alvinus. A place where the walls between realities are very thin. You will find glimpses into the different phases of reality. Some of the inhabitants of the floating island can observe these glimpses as they are happening. To some outside of the island they come in the form of dreams(or are they nightmares?) like in the case of the author.

So come join me on this trip through the whacky sexy shiny rubbery world of Alvinus!

To complement the artwork by Johntaro, there are also pieces commissioned from these wonderful artists:
SvensPronfest, Convolute, Saunterwing, Ragadabah, Elotika, Imp with a Pencil

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Glimpses of Alvinus: Paperback Edition - Johntaro Artbook #3

0 ratings